That big crevasse and the sound baffles we've installed muffle a lot of the sound, and a few more chunks of rock there won't make any difference at al...."Jeff noted that Mayfield didn't even ask how Jeff had exploded the rock with the ball bearing.After the video shut off, Dave handed the helmet to Kayla so she could watch the video, then turned to Jeff. "That shows more than I saw firsthand. And ... I'm impressed with the helmet. It's definitely technology that's..." ... probably fifty years. . So big and receptive?, he whispered into my ear, teasing me, as he attached a chain to the clamps linking them together. My only reply to this was a stubborn grunt through the gag which filled my mouth and was actually beginning to make my jaws ache. He smiled at my discomfort, tugged the chain slightly which initiated more pain for my nipples, and then stood up and stripped. I could see a certain amount from my position, enough to see that he was a good size, at least eight inches. I had. I quickly freshened up as best I could and headed outside. Rob stood about 5'11 and was very well built. I looked for my BF to make sure he was not around but he was nowhere in sight. Rob and I hugged and chatted for a minute. We got in his car and before we could pull out, he reached towards me and opened the dash. He said there was a CD he wanted me to listen to. Suddenly a bunch of skittles bursted out and fell over my lap! He apologized and began to clean the skittles up. I told him that it. Then she stood up.Matilda shuffled to the kitchen in her bare feet. All she had on were panties. Leon did not seem to notice. She sat at her usual seat with her head down and eyes boring into the scrambled eggs on her plate."I'm sorry," she said without looking up."Eat."Not much was said during breakfast. When done, Leon left without saying where he was going. That was not unusual so Matilda hoped things would go back to normal and he would let her stay. She cleaned up the dishes then went to.

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