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"Xirix." You mutter to yourself. You turn the cover open, looking through the first few pages until you reach the first one with enough letters to be ...orth reading."Volume 1: Birth of the GodsThis book contains knowledge about the universe and magic that runs through it. However, this first volume holds history. The history of how the strongest beings of existence came to be. Interesting, is it not? Even I, as I am writing this, I cannot contain my excitement. They have gone through so much,. Please don't chase me away and try to be on Earth when I test. I love you."I stood staring at the note for a minute before remembering that my next class was about to start. I roughly folded the note and stuffed it back in my pocket before running to class. I had just cleared the door when the bell rang. Mrs. Hackworth glared at me as I stood in the doorway."If you are quite sure you are in the right class room, you can take your seat. Today we'll review yesterday's lesson and then go over the. She came and locked the door and sat next to me.I was so curious and anger to ask what she was doing without lifting my call, she told she was unable to take call as he was next to her.Ok I asked what happened and she started narrating ” the moment you left he went down to get chocolate from fridge for me and he asked to have it , I too had and while eating he told I need from your choky from your mouth. I told I can’t. For that he told last time itself I missed you but today I will not leave. "Are you ready to go deeper, Sandy?" Yes, Mistress." The spiral has taken control of your mind. You cannot stop looking at it as it goes around ... and around ... and around..."Sandy knew the truth of those words. All she could see was the spiral going around ... and around ... and around..."And as it goes around ... and around ... and around ... you are going deeper ... and deeper ... and deeper..."Sandy could feel her trance deepening, controlling her mind more and more."As you look at it,.

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