We've been dating for 6 years now and had just recently moved into our own home together. It was a nice quiet neighborhood. But the icing on the cake ...as when we met our neighbor. His name was Bobby and god was he hot. He had a swimmer's build (which wasn't surprising considering he was on the swim team in High School) that he frequently showed off when he tanned himself in his backyard wearing nothing but speedos. Today was no different. We occasionally looked out to see a perfect vantage. Once inside I reclined the seat back and wasted no time opening up my coat, sliding off skirt and then my wet panties down exposing my hairy pussy to the cool air. As I laid there in the seat, the interior of car with little light I ran my fingers through the warm thick mound of my hair and began rubbing myself. My rubbing quickly got me excited maker me wetter, causing me to press myself into the seat hard as I opened my legs as wide as I could, while my other hand caressed and squeezed my. I am certainly not used to anyone saying they love me, though I can very easily get used to that bit.”We talked for over an hour, mainly reiterating things we’d said to each other over the previous weeks before Felicity felt that she needed to face her father. She declined my offer to accompany her. Once she’d left, I got on with the mundane weekend chores of a single man, interrupted only by a long telephone conversation with my youngest daughter.With the house relatively clean and the third. I wanted him to spread me wide open as he fucked me with his hard, thick tongue, and I pushed myself back onto his face each time he dug deep, trying to help him go deeper still.Water ran down my back and over my hole when he pulled back slightly. I bent at the knees, instinctively chasing the sensation of his mouth, but he held me still with both hands on my ass so he cold lean forward and gently scrapped the rough hair on his chin against my hole."Jesus fuck."Dylan laughed against my hole and.

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