I told her this was the most exciting thing I have ever done – she agreed.Now that we met our first plan it was time for the second. I headed back ...o a main road so we could return to her car as she needed to head home. I put the car in cruse control, pushed the seat back and waited. As planned she reached over and began to play with my cock through my pants, this resulted in me getting as hard as I could trapped in my jeans.Her hand slowly moved up to my belt, undid it then slowly and. Oh, god, the pain was exquisite and my cunt throbbed all the more. I waggled my ass hoping that would result in yet another lashing with the leather belt. I wasn’t disappointed, and the moment the leather smacked the pink skin of my ass a scream formed in my throat. Another lash came close after the second, the tender skin of my ass felt on fire.Before I could catch my breath, I felt an ice cold glass bottle being gently inserted into my hot cunt. The sensation was something I’d never felt. Frank was surf fishing but he would often watch from behind his sunglasses and he was really enjoying the reaction of the other vacationers on the beach to the foursome. The men couldn't look away, the women were more evenly divided, half studiously ignoring the activity of the three women and the younger man, the other half obviously watching and getting turned on by Mark's slow deliberate strokes up the women's inner thighs and his massaging hands wrapped around their breasts. The long kisses. They took off walking. It was 6 o'clock.As they walked they talked about local legends that they had heard. Aswith most remote areas there were all kinds of legends and folk loreabout this lake. One of the most intriguing tales was about a wishingwell, that when the moon was in the right place in the sky it would casta glow on a jewel imbedded in the well and at this time all wishes askedwould be granted. According to legend it was about a minute until themoon pasted out of view of the jewel..

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