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Suddenly her hands locked around me, pulling me in to her as a powerful orgasm surged through her body. I continued to thrust into her for as long as ... was able, but as she came she wrapped her legs around me as well, clamping me to her so that I was barely able to move. I gave up trying to fuck her, and settled myself with sucking on her tits while she rubbed her groin into mine, sighing and moaning loudly with pleasure. Gradually the feeling of ecstasy abated and she removed her limbs from. Dan was about my height 5’10”, medium build, thick hairy chest; his cock looked about 7”’s long but quite slim and shaved. “Hello my sexy little buttercup,” he said, as he gave Mandy a lingering kiss. “Hello my cock sucking bunny,” she laughed in response, “This is Tim.” Dan shook my hand, “Hello Tim, you lucky bastard.” “Hello and thank you, I think.” “Don’t worry Tim, Dan has lusted after Mandy for many many years,” Jess said, “Come on now you two, get stuck in, we can do introductions as we. It was just that some nights she would disappear and not show back up until the next morning in plenty of time for breakfast - showered, alert and ready for the days workout!Soon, in Janell's room, she and Terri were at it hot and heavy. When they had walked into the room, Janell turned to face her mate and planted a "fuck me" kiss on her lips, which Terri promptly honored.Very slowly she stripped Janell of her T-shirt and jeans both of which, as usual after a show, had nothing under them, and. We didn't want to go home and stare at the four walls. We picked at salads and the girls talked about how wonderful Ron had been, and how broken their hearts were for Amy. Then, once again not knowing what else to do, we got up and left. I told them I needed to stop home and get some clothes. Steph told me to just drop them off and take the car.And now I was on my way back again. It was dark now. It was a breezy night and the cool air felt good. I drove along in one of the most beautiful cars.

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