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He wished he had a pair of her panties to sniff, to wrap around his cock, to cum in. But he didn't. Instead, he used one of his shirts and howled her ...ame as he spurted. When he returned to his senses, he decided to go shopping tomorrow for a pair of "Nan's panties."The next day after work, Jack walked in to Dillard's and headed straight for the lingerie department. Having never been in one before, he looked a little bewildered. A pleasant looking middle aged woman approached him. Her Dillard's. But as soon as they cleared the door of Laura's apartment, they were all over one another like two animals in heat.Laura pinned Randi against the door and tried to drink her. "Oh god, you're so beautiful, god, so beautiful!" she panted, french-kissing Randi's delectable mouth passionately.Randi responded aggressively, holding Laura's face in her hands and drinking Laura back. When they stopped kissing, they were panting, their eyes glazed."I'm not going to have you wrecking this suit, girl,". She said no but I bet her $50 she dare not go back in alone. She immediately said she would, so I told her that the bet was that she had to leave her bra and panties in the car and go back in just wearing her dress.She told me no way would she do that, but I could tell she was excited about it. I said she should do it to get him really hot and bothered and then leave the young black guy with a boner for the rest of the day. She giggled and took off her bra. I could see her nipples had got. "Was this really your first time?"I blushed as I answered. "It was the first time I was with another guy."She smiled at me "And with a girl?" The most I have done before tonight was with my prom date, and then all I got to do was to suck her breasts and put my fingers down the front of her panties. When I tried to do more she got mad and made me take her home."Susan let out a laugh but seen that it had embarrassed me. "It's ok sweetie, I know that Mark has more in store for you and I am sure we.

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