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As I went downstairs to my room, still able to hear mom and dad moaning in their bedroom, it almost sounded like there was another voice in there. Na,...couldnt be, must have been hearing things. As I made it to my bedroom, I noticed a box with a bow on it sitting on my bed. Well hello there I said to the box, my curiosity peaked. I opened the card attached to the top. It said I know you have been treating them with respect, and have been more gentle with them than any man I could have ever hoped. I could breath through my nose but I was thrashing around on the bedbecause of the gagging.He slipped all the way out of my and said "I did this with Wendy but shehates it but a little fag like you loves it don't you?"God what had I gotten myself into? He pushed his head against my lipsagain and I obediently opened them. He didn't shove it all the way in thistime stopping just before where I would gag but he did start fucking mymouth in and out in and out.His pace was quickening and he. As I can't seem to think of anything else lately, I find my hands drifting downward several times a day to feel how incredibly slick and hot I am. Holy fuck! I could be outside hanging laundry and then from out of nowhere creeps in the iniquitous notion that you would come over unbidden. My heart races, I flush, and I nearly collapse at the possibilities. I think about gently taking your cock in my hands and then having you lay back. I want to take you in my mouth and run my tongue underneath. !” she moaned. Body rattling, her pussy tightened its grip on my cock even more. The feeling of her pussy emploding around my cock made me trust as deep as I could as I unloaded my seed deep within her womb. With Amanda still spasming, I grabbed ahold of her, shoving her to the floor. On her knees she looked up at me. I offered my still hard cock to her mouth. She devoured it like a starving child.Talking the palms of my hand around her head, I shoved her further onto me. Only being able to get.

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