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....The club is dark and not too busy. It is a little strange seeing men and women half naked walking around. However I'm sure, I'll get used to it. I...find a table by the stage and take a seat. I need a drink to take the nervousness down a little. Thankfully, the waitress quickly greets me and before I know it, there's a large bowl of margiritas in front of me. I've watched a few people on stage, but I'm really interested in this muscular Latino man walking around with a cowboy hat. I walked. What happened?”She replied “Nothing Arun, its just that i am having a very bad head ache””Should I come back another day?” I replied.”No, come in” She saidthats when i asked her innocently “Miss should I press your head?”Mrs Banerjee looked at me and said “No it okay, it will get alright” I went in and sat on the dining table. “sit Arun, let me get you some water” and Mrs Banerjee went to the kitchen.Oh man she was so hot. I could see her midriff from the side and I could make out that she was. A few times he would ask if I had a friend coming over to see me. I would ask, jealous? He would always say no, which stung. I guess I wanted him to be a little bit jealous. Every night at approximately 11:30pm, I would log in to chat. Jack would be there waiting for me. His first words, how was your day? My husband never asked that, it was as if he didn’t care how my day had gone. We would exchange the small talk for a few minutes and the conversation would turn. All he had to do was tell me. Now see yourself as composed of a powerful energy field. You are simplya ball of energy. The only remaining activity in your mind, listening tomy voice, is represented by small glowing orbs of light moving within theball of energy. Your mind, your entire self, is quiet. The only thingyou can hear or respond to is my voice. My voice alone will guide you.My voice is your inner voice. My voice is now directing your thoughts.Rotate your energy field 90 degrees. This will prevent you.

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