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It didn't matter. He was here, alive and she wanted him to stay that way. This risk he was taking was too much, a step too far, playing with processes...which he had little practical experience with. His life was too precious to risk again.As she gave a sob, Scott heard her and took his opportunity to throw his arms around her. She shuddered and wept so gently that he thought she was even lovely when she cried. He gripped her tighter, felt her breasts crushing against him, wondered how he could. Marcy whimpered softly and bit her lip as his rigid lance tormented her erogenous depths mercilessly. The fingers of Paul's left hand were dug deep into the yielding flesh of her buttock, the fingers of his left were dug firmly into her smooth thigh. He penetrated her vigorously, until he could resist the caress of her womanhood no more and emptied his thick load into her sweet womb. Marcy moaned as her body trembled with the sweet sensations of orgasm. Paul pressed himself firmly against her. "She arrived around 8:00 in the evening. It was raining out and rain always caused her to want to have sex. She loved making love, or fucking, when it was raining. She was particularly fond of fucking in the car as the rain pinged off of the rooftop. The three of them sat down to have a few drinks and talk a bit. So, there was small talk but she could tell and the guys could tell what was on all of their minds. It was getting naked and having sex. As much sex as they could put into one night.. We traveled together, fought together, bleed bled together. You own some of my heart. But, dearest Morgan, Urgah own owns all the rest of it. You and I never had chance to talk about this, but I think I love him and I am going to get over my problem with show it. I was not always owned by brothels. Most of time I was house slave, used for sex only some time. After I was sold to first brothel, not all my customers were rough. I am going to think about the customers that treat treated me well. I.

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