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What a beautiful erotic sight! You, bare, ass in the air bathed in the firelight taking my cock in your mouth while looking up every now and again to my facial expression. Although you try to tease and make me suffer longer I can no longer take anymore and with a loud moan and thrusting my love seed erupts forth as you gaze on in delightful satisfaction. As I lie there breathless, eyes closed and grinning youcontinue to slowly suck knowing I’ll recover very shortly. You move around in a way. I smiled as he called me sexy and how he wanted to fuck me ever since the summer before. Then I was pulled up by his strong arms and James kissed me deeply sharing my own juices with me. I could smell our sex as his cock sawed in and out of my spread pussy. I cried out as I felt his hand take a handful of my hair. My head came back as he gently tugged and ravaged my neck. I gushed on his cock as his mouth kissed and licked my sweat from my chest. He held me tighter pulling harder on my hair as. Under pressure from Peter Instead, your surgeon, Gerry Stephens, arranged it."Mark relaxed for a moment then tightened up again. "I told the stupid bastard about the mines," he ground out, "but he ordered me to go ahead. And what happens? He kills one of his men."He was silent for a few minutes. "The CO tasked me with stopping him doing something dangerous," he said, "and I failed. I'm responsible for Hudson's death." He was white with emotion."No you're not, darling. I'm quite sure you did. Its’ head was dark purple, and the size of my fist. I looked at my fist and then at his co-k. I asked what was he thinking about, and he said he was thinking that I let him see my litle titties, and that he had given me 20 dollars of my own. I said I couldn’t do that, and he said no, he knew, that he was just wishing that. He said he didn’t have a lot more years to live, and that he wanted to have some good memories to last him, and that I was the sweetest thing he had ever seen. He said that.

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