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Tug of War Game 1In this game, at least 2 slaves are needed. The master first ties one end of a string to the clit ring of one slave then the other en... of the string is tied at the middle of the nipple chain of the other slave. Then the same thing is done with the other slave’s clit ring and former slave’s nipple chain. Then, a large remote operated electric butt plug is put in both slave’s assholes which can shock them whenever Master wants to do that. A very strong remote operated vibrator is. 1 ke hei waise bhbhi bohut achi kesem ke thi wo ger mardo ko nahi dekte thi hamesh pallu ya odrne badan per liya kerte thi bhabhi ache khyalo ke thi or nek dil ke thi wo hamesh muje kise bhi kaam se bulati thi marker jana ho gar ka kaam ho Mere gar wali or bhabhi ke gar se achi relation ban gai thi or bhabhi or mere achi jamte thi liken ek din nazerya badal gaya mere maan me bhabhi ke liye aise kayal nahi tha bhabhi ke bacche apne nani ke gar gai thi garmi ke chittiyo chal rahe thi or mere gar. She said I will try.Then I started licking her top to bottom to make her hot. I also licked her pussy for some time until she started moaning little. Then she said, “Sanju, please fuck me, yaar, I can’t control now.” Then I spread her legs apart. I pointed my hard dick on her love hole. I could see a great smile on her face.Then I started caressing her pussy inside with my dick to give her sexy feeling. Then slowly started pushing it inside. Obviously, it was not going easily. Then suddenly, I. He then pushed two fingers in my cunt and fucked me right there outdoors till I came. Then he shoved the same two fingers in my ass and fucked me more. It was so erotic to be outside fucking my dad. Then I felt his cock enter my ass and two fingers entered my cunt and I got the hardest longest fuck I had ever had. As he fucked me in both holes he licked my back and neck. I kept cumming hard and fast never wanting him to stop. By the time he quit humping me I had cum running down my legs. He.

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