"I had to laugh. "Sandra, you wrote the manual on 'diligent and resourceful.'"Shortly thereafter, she reported back to me with a mixed bag of informat...on, and nothing conclusive."Here's the good news," she began. "Erin's most recent address appears to be the home she shares with you. The problem is, I have no way of knowing just how recent that information is. There's something else I had to look into. She definitely hasn't filed for divorce. I checked the divorce records in your home county,. "Then do the interviews with me. You can ask the questions and I'll sit back, adding a few things here and there. Please? It would be perfect. You know what to look for and I can tell you if I would be able to work with that person or not. I can set up the interviews for later in the day, when you can be here," he implored.His plea, his solution, even the look in his eyes had me caving in. I went over the next weeks' workload in my head and realized I could fit this in by just shuffling a few. Her breasts had that quality that some mature women manage to maintain, where they had never really grown big enough to get saggy. They pretty much supported themselves, and I knew they wouldn't have looked a lot different when she was twenty. There were tan lines, as her house had a pool and she kept fit, so there were these milky white triangles separated from her olive skin, and in the middle of those triangles, surrounded by small brown aureola, were these two enormous nipples; the biggest. I swallowed it all down and stayed on his cock until it deflated. As I lifted my head, I thanked him for the lunch snack. He thanked me for that and offered to have me work for him anytime. I told him that the first one was free, but after that, I was a twenty-five hundred per day escort. He stammered that he couldn’t afford that much, but I asked if he liked my blow job. He said yes, and then agreed that it would be worth it, if he got to fuck me as well. I told him that I saved my pussy for.

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