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I got the matress and put it between the TV and the couch. We all went to the living room, where I sat on the couch and turned the volume of the TV do...n to zero. My wife lay on her back on the matress and Tim, dived between her legs and started licking her. She had her legs fully spread and was holding her knees so she could expose her cunt to her lover maximum possible. I was watching from a perfect angle and playing with my cock. My wife lifting her pelvis and moaning was a fantastic sight. A. She puts up with a lot of my bullshit. I just can’t help myself. I love younger women. I love their bodies and how flexible they are in bed. Most little whore’s will do anything you ask of them.However, I was totally blindsided. It was the perfect scheme to catch me in yet another affair. My wife and I own a company together. She’s not working right now, but is very involved with our company. She knew that my secretary had gone on maternity leave. My wife worked hard with Human. I pulled back the shower curtain and saw her heavy red bush and nipples. The nipples were erect from the cold water and made my cock hard. I adjusted the cold water to where it was warmer. I tried to mask my erection, I knew she saw it.That night I sat on the balcony in a lounge chair. My head was leaned back and I was trying to stop another nosebleed, I got then all the time. Mother came out on the balcony and saw what I was trying to do. She leaned over me and I got another free shot of her. I look down at my phone, at the email that my husband sent. A challenge check list that I have one month to complete. Do I obey him and complete it with the chance that it is a test of my loyalty and faithfulness? Will he be mad, jealous or even turned on? Do I take a chance? He stated in the email that he would be okay with it, because he is the one that made the list. I mentioned to him, "There are a few of them I would be more comfortable doing if you were there telling me to do them." He.

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