As she walked back in the room I didn't say anything about what I called out as she left and she put my sandwich and a drink on the desk I said " Tracy" she replied "no Lee call me what you called me before I liked you calling me baby" and then she turned around bent over showing no knickers ad a shaved pussy dripping wet she said "see you calling me baby made me so wet" I reached out and started to stroke her arse as she straightened her legs so my hand and fingers was rubbing her. ?So you already knew Ian then?? Angela probed.?Oh yes, we?ve know each other since school," Martha added. ?We metbriefly at Ian?s last wedding if you remember but I didn?t get much ofa chance to talk with you Angela," Anthony didn?t remember. He wasn?tthere and couldn?t confirm or deny it. Still he had to take it as readthat she wasn?t lying about this.?Vaguely, I was out of it a bit that day," Angela replied trying not tosound too nervous.?So you knew about the will and Ian?s dad?s bequest. She then sat on a bench to eat it while Margaret and I chatted about this and that. As they were about to leave I remembered I had a horn for a bike and asked Rachel if she wanted it as she didn’t have a bell, “Can I mam”? Margaret nodded ‘yes’ I told Rachel to call around my house later and I would fit it for her, not surprisingly she knew where I lived.After work I was mowing my lawn and Rachel came down the road, she had a few friends with her, she stopped and asked if I could fit the horn. I’ve wanted to go to you in the middle of the night, dad. I’ve laid in bed and rubbed myself silly thinking about how it’d be to climb into bed with you.”I felt the clutch of some wild carnal desire down at my core. Lust ballooned. Something to do with the look on her face and the way Jemima described it.“I can’t go without any more,” my daughter was saying, her fingers at my belt. “I don’t give a shit about right and wrong. I couldn’t give a fuck for what anyone would think. You’re fit and.

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