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" "When I'm with a guy I usually start by giving him a blow job." "Jeanne likes to do the same thing. She says guys are usually pretty excited about g...tting laid and tend to cum quickly the first time." "She's right, a girl gets a much better fuck from a guy's second erection and if a guy can get it up a third time he can go all night." "After he cums the first time, my husband generally falls asleep.” Maureen smiled at me. "But Michael can get it up three times." "I need a lot of help to get a. ””Oh yeah I do. Fuck me harder. Harder Rahila darling fuck me I love it.”“You like it rough, Ranoo?” Yes Rahila darling I like hard and rough.Rahila reached beneath Ranoo, lifted her hips, and stuck her unlubed finger inside of Ranoo’s asshole. Ranoo breath with pleasure. As she drilled in Ranoo’s pussy and ass, deeper and deeper. Rahila entered another finger.“Harder—”With her free hand she slapped Ranoo ass.”Harder, you fucking—”Rahila was also enjoying it because she liked to manhandle Ranoo. Probably my favorite. Wendy walked over to the dresser andlooked at the tools, her green eyes big and solemn. ?Daddy's not kidding, ishe?? she moaned. ?No games here my kitten. Just your sobs and screams. Youwill note there isn't another house close by.? I pointed out the threespanwindow overlooking the bed. The curtain were pulled back and all you couldsee was a tree-covered hill and the backyard of the house, surrounded by bushesand other growth. I like the daylight and I wanted to see her in. “But they’re not, and don’t you forget it,” I remind her.Hybrids. Sleek and mysteriously attractive. No known spoken words or language but they somehow manage to communicate. I’d watched unafraid in awe as they had raided Beach Camp for food with a quick in and out where no one got hurt. And their physiques … the lines and shapes of the men are … what? Why am I even thinking of the men that way? And that begs the question of who the fuck I was before the Global Crash and how the hell I ended up.

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