She went in, took off her clothes, filled the tub, and was soon soaking in hot, foamy water. Lying in the warm water released the tension that had bui...t up in her and she nodded off. It didn’t take as long for Martin to finish up what he had to do at the office as he thought it would. He returned home and let himself into Ann’s house. He didn’t see her anywhere, so he went down the hallway toward her bedroom and as he did, he noticed that her bathroom door was open. He walked into the bathroom. "Not a problem, I actually got here at 6:30, I wanted to celebrate all my money clearing this week. I doubled my capital twice this week and I ended up with the 200K I hoped. In two buys I emptied a warehouse and they were able to ship to one address. If I have competition right now, they are cash poor to start the year and I've developed a great alliance with a big buy-out house. He's working on a deal for phones and tablets and I've already been sniffing around for a buyer. So I'm real happy. “It’s nice, isn’t it?” he said, approaching me. The tone of his voice and the smile on his face were endearing. It was obvious that he wanted to get close to me and yet I felt nervous. I’d never had a homosexual experience and I didn’t know what to expect. “No knives, no guns,” he grinned, wavering his hands and arms comically. I snort-laughed, acknowledging that I didn’t think he was a dangerous person. It would have been difficult for him to conceal a dangerous weapon considering that he was. “Why aren’t you moving?”Rob looked uncomfortable. “I ... don’t think I can.”Kathy looked sympathetic. “You’ll learn. Let your instincts guide you.”Rob got up from the couch and headed to the far side of the room. “Like this?” He pantomimed throwing a ball into a basket.“Yes, just like that. See, you’re getting it!”Rob continued to throw a nonexistent ball.“You’re a natural! Why did you think you couldn’t score?” Kathy called out to him.Rob shifted from side to side. “Penetrate the defense ....

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