He took his middle finger and forced it in my mouth and made me suck his finger while he stroked my pussy from the rear. He slapped my ass cheeks hard...and yelled at me asking me to suck his finger, suck it like a passionate slut. I obliged and started to suck his finger in my mouth like a hungry whore while he was fucking my pussy. He increased pace of stroking his dick in my pussy and then removed his finger from my mouth and slowly took it down between my ass cheeks and shaved it in my. I took off the shirt I was wearing and put on the blouse, revealing my purple bra holding in my 34D breasts in the process. I turned around to face him. "How's it look?" "Amazing," he said as he eyed me up and down. He reached back in the box and pulled out a skirt. "Try this one now." I turned around again and slid my jeans off to reveal my matching purple boy shorts. I slid the skirt up and fastened the waist. When I turned around, Jeff had taken a few steps closer and put his hands on my. God...” She burst into tears and threw herself into my arms crying as she tried to speak. Her tears were like a river instead of a trickle. Either she was happy for us to marry, or she was certain she would crush me by refusing. Apparently I was going to have to wait to find out which.Eventually she got control of herself and looked into my eyes with a look of utter amazement. “Do you really want to marry a used, broke and broken woman? Mark, I’m thrilled but are you certain? I have nothing to. ..You enter my hotel room dressed in your new white dress with the Humming Birds on, black stockings and high heels and a handbag over your shoulder – “What do you think Daddy, do you like it?” you ask as you walk up and down – I say “Oh yes, very girly – but what slutty underwear do you have on underneath? – you turn your back on me, spread your legs a little and lift up the dress to your waist – before me is a beautiful sight – your legs encased in the black stockings – the white thighs.

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