“Well, I suppose there is a time for everything.” She handed me a slip of paper. “These girls,” she said, pausing, “women really, have been ...ausing a good deal of mischief, and they have been serving our enemies; falling on their backs. You know what I mean.”I nodded and refused to smile since she was so serious.“I want you to go rape them, defile and degrade them. The girls tell me you are capable of such a thing.”“Are they married?”She shook her head, “Not really, just marriages of. I am quietly crying and whimpering as the pain continues to radiate and sink into my flesh and am relieved when he tells me to stand up. He asks me to stand in front of his desk while he takes the large envelope I had placed on his desk earlier. It is a minute or two before he looks at it and it gives me the opportunity to really look at Mr. Windsor. He was easily three times my age but very handsome, probably over six feet tall and obviously quite fit. It also gave me time to appreciate the. They’ll make a positive difference.” John theorized.The four men took almost ten thousand agents to the catwalk just west of the Sun from the Denver meetings. None of them came back. They agreed to show up at the apartment at 5:00 AM to make the trip to Langley.The next morning:Bill and Pete’s partners agreed to partner up temporarily while Bill and Pete watched John and the captain’s backs. Their partners watched the building. Everyone arrived a few minutes before 5:00 and was ready to go. I ran to the first person I could think of, that I knew where to find, Gabriella would help me, I was sure of it. I slowed to a walk just before I entered the beauty parlor, but probably still had a wild and hurried quality to my movements, because the girl at the front desk gave me an odd look when walked in and then another when I asked if Gabriella was there. According to her Gabriella had the day off on Wednesdays and when I asked if there was any way to contact her, she just shook her head.

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