“Meritia decided I was ready to begin my travels,” Shavala said.“Travels?”“When a druid has completed her training, she goes out into the wo...ld to learn more about it. Some of the other dorvasta do so as well, out of tradition.”“Druid?” Corec had heard the word before, but wasn’t sure what it meant.“Druids are mages of the natural world,” she said. “We follow the elder magic.”“You’re a wizard?” Katrin asked, looking a little nervous.Shavala shook her head. “No. Do you remember when Meritia. I was able to get his balls pumping as he drained them. He pulled out and her pussy was overflowing with jizz. I panned up just as the next sunk his hard cock into the gooey messy pussy. He pounded her good, spunk was running down Sissy's crack and soaking the bed, he blew his nut soon, which was huge also. When this man withdrew, jizz was everywhere, all over Sissy's light brown neatly trimmed bush, her crack, her thighs, all over that man also. The third guy having had Sissy sucking his. She acted concerned, but Steven Henry had bugged the therapist’s office and I was able to listen to everything they said. I used the time alone to phone my credit card companies and cancel her cards. When she told me she had to leave early for work I took our daughter to the bank and closed our joint account, depositing my half in another bank that held my business account and getting a certified check for the remainder. I was many things, but I wasn’t about to put myself on Maxine’s level. I was pretty sure I was just reading too much into it, but not one to end things myself, I turned the page and leaned down just a bit closer, placed my hand just a bit more daringly on the page. Were talking a matter of millimeters, but when it comes to technically touching your teachers tits, it was a huge difference. It didnt matter that it was just my wrist, it was the fact that she hadnt stopped it, and in fact, was leaning ever so slightly into it. The kind of subtle confirmation guys are.

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