I had not masturbated in about 2 weeks and was ready to explode. Like always we just spent some time with each other, and then we went downstairs to ...er basement. Her basement is where we always did anything sexual because no one could hear anyone down there.So we start kissing and touching each other, and I remind her about her promise to me. She was hoping I had forgotten but this actually was the only thing I could think about. Now for whatever reason she did not want to give me a. Did you do any more talking?" Sort of." What do you mean 'sort of?'" I like Tom," Evan said when they got back to Bloomington. "He didn't bombard me with a lot of questions." He grinned. "You should hear my dad." Toms's a pro football fanatic," Devlin said. "Mom says he spends Sundays glued to the TV." Let me guess. 'Da Bears.'" Yup, 'Da Bears, ' though he'll watch St. Louis, too. He said after having his heart broken by the Cubs, he swore off baseball." I don't see why," Evan said. "They've. Torres walktogether in front of me dressed in their elegant robes. When we get tothe hall she tells me to get the box on top of the car and drops theleash, the cold steel startling my bare flesh. I return to the kitchenand hand my wife the box. She snaps her finger and points down, I quicklykneel on the floor with my eyes cast down. I hear the unmistakable soundof my metal dog bowl being placed on the counter. The sound of foodscraps dumped in. The sound of spitting and laughing. The bowl is. Body tried to heal but ... but ... used up everything. Too weak ... to move." What can I do?" he asked."Get me ... aboard the ... boat," she whispered."What about your bones?" he asked. "Will I injure you more?" No ... the fractures healed ... just ... just don't have anything ... left. Couldn't even ... answer the ... radio." Okay," Ken said. "We'll get you out of here." He reached up and touched her nose gently. "I love you." Love ... you," she responded.He looked up at the boat. "She's alive.

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