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He was still panting and coming down when Carmen scooped up some of what had landed on his pillow with the same finger that just brought him off, we l...oking into each other's eyes, but Carmen was smiling. Ali looked afraid and slightly ashamed, but didn't flinch when Carmen pressed her messy finger to his now shut lips, Ali then snorting through his nose comically with his lips clamped shut, no doubt smelling his mess with every breath. We stared each other down until he nibbled at my finger in. I think I could come with just your mouth sucking my nipples.” I then kissed her stomach all over and I tongued at her belly button. I moved down her legs and then I did the same thing as she did and kissed the center of her pussy. Her pussy smelled very intoxicating and she had a beautiful little cunt. Her pussy lips were very small and her clitoris was hidden. I licked and sucked her pussy lips and lightly chewed on them. “Valentina, for somebody who has never licked a pussy before, you’re. “Tim, get the plug for me, while I get the paddle out.” I just stared at her. Tim walked out of the bathroom grinning with the butt plug in his hand. Jess took it away from him. “Give me the lube baby. And you lean over and grab the rail.” I did as I was told. I felt Jess massage some lube around my asshole, then I felt the tip of the plug pushing against me. I did my best to relax and let it slip in. I heard Tim snicker. Jess paused, “Bend over next to him, for that you’re going to. You already have the women that you need; the rest is just fluff. Useful and fun fluff, but at the end of the day, just fluff.Sigh. Yeah, it was! Marvin was a beast! I’d love to watch him work his king dong it into some tight snatch again, or better yet, into a tight puckered asshole! I proclaimed with a laugh.Back to what you were saying, I know how you were raised, and there’s nothing wrong with any of that in polite society. Now, though, you need to be the drill sergeant, you need to be the.

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