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I got that she was in a good mood to talk. “So what do you think about changing the car?” I asked her.“Hmm. Yeah, thinking about it, need someth...ng really good this time.”She had actually test driven a couple of cars the weekend. She told me she doesn’t want a sedan or SUV, she needed a small car but powerful and packed with features. Our conversation went on for some time.Suddenly, out of the blue, she asked me: “How often do you masturbate?” I was taken aback but it’s normal for me to expect. " And what kind of costume is that?" She asked."Puss and boots." I laughed."Yeah right," she said, and you can put a pot on your head and go as 'Peter Pan.'Then she came over to the bed and slowly lowered herself onto my very rigid rod. Damn, that felt good, little by little she moved that pussy up and then slid down, up and down, up and down. My cock getting harder and her pussy getting wetter. This is what sex is all about.Kayla my girlfriend attended the same college that I did. She was the. Essentially there were only two real changes. They went to their grandparents' house until I came home, and their mother was now a visitor. Yes, that's right; she came over most evenings to see them. I stayed out of her way when she was there, and she had to leave so they could do their homework. We alternated Saturdays and Sundays at the weekends.To begin with, Diane tried to explain herself to me but I was not ready to listen to her. I had made my decision to move on and that is what I was. My 'Daddy' was a retired Marine living in somewherecalled Carson City and he loved to control me, to punish myself when Ihad been naughty and I knew that tonight I would be punished severely -specifically because I was with three other men and I was his sissy boisex toy.The three men stood out of shot at first, allowing me to chat to my'Daddy'. He wanted to know how I was and whether I had been behavingmyself, namely had I been thinking of cock and being fucked senselessor had I been a good.

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