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?" she looked up for the firsttime to see not Denis, but Denise."Who are you?" I'm Denise Robson," said Denise. "I just said that." You're a..." Yes. ...'m fully aware of what I am. I used to be the man you wereexpecting and I don't expect you to believe a word, but I am now Denise.Now, about that absence. I told you on the phone that I wasn't feelingmyself and you chose not to believe me. Does this answer your questions?"she asked standing before the woman, holding her blouson open and. She wondered what that was about, but the Gunny would tell her when she called tonight.Lenore felt uneasy. Not, as she had earlier, like a fake in her uniform, but her unease was more uncertainty that she'd measure up against the other Enlisted enrolling in the Officer Candidate NROTC program. She'd gathered that the class being sworn in (the purpose of her visit) was made up of Enlisted intended to attend University starting in the winter semester, and that she was unusual in that she was. I pulled my phone and dialed the station. Barbara answered."Barbara, this is Abe Easton. Did Ray make it inside?" Yes, but he is hit in the leg. He's laying low at the door." Okay, tell him the Marines are coming so be extra sure of his targets. The bad guys are in black. Jorgie from Lee is with me and we're taking out their teams. Barbara, did anyone else make it inside?"She sounded choked. "No." Make sure Ray has plenty of ammo. They may decide to rush you there when we start taking them out.. I paid the $5.00 entrance fee anddidn't say a word as my voice would have confirmed I was a man. As I was about to drive off he smiled and said "Lucy wanted me to tell youshe has moved your lunch from the picnic grounds to campsite #13 andyou're to meet her there. I'll see you later."Uh oh! I now knew I was in deeper trouble than I could ever have imagined.I thought all Lucy would have me do was get out of the car and force me towalk around the picnic area all dressed up as a woman so I'd be.

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