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Having tasted the hairy armpits of Aunt Harriet, Beth's bushy armpits rivaled hat of her hirsute mother. I had to kiss and lick the sexy bushy armpit ...ungle of Beth. I continued to jerk my massive dong when to my surprise the bathroom door opened and to my utter shock and amazement Brian entered the bathroom. What was he doing there the rascal. I should have been there my mind raced as I wanked my prick. He stripped down quickly and I saw that his phallus was pretty big. It hung down limp and I. Ramesh stopped groping her tits and slid a hand underneath hers into her wet pussy, causing a loud moan to escape from her lips,"Oh you sound like your really getting close, are you? Are you getting all hot and horny for me? Are you rubbing your clit?" Yes..," Kanchan replied, "Oh...mmm...I'm so wet, talk dirty, get me off,"Ramesh had moved his 2 fingers from her slopping pussy and began to wet her asshole. Kanchan knew what was coming next but who was she to refuse him putting his fingers in. And books we read, my God, name books we have not read, name books thathave not had our hearts encapsulated in them, our minds enchanted bythem, and holding hands with invincible invisible writers, with long agowriters, we found ourselves, for we are imagination come into reality andwe are the locked dorm room door and we explore as we physically devourwith our hands and our mouths the constant virgin flesh of one another,as our eyes devour the virgin white pages and black ink words of. Nothing was said. They just hugged. Thebound girl's muffled sobs were a strange accompaniment tothe silent couple as they embraced. The woman thought to herself, 'He was sooo incredible. Hewas sooo perfect. Sooo good to her.' Then, rememberingthe girl, she reached over and refitted her with the gag. Thegirl didn't protest or offer any resistance. "You OK?" he asked after she had finished with the gag. "Fabulous," she said. He smiled down at her. She smiled back up. "You're leaving soon, aren't.

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