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This brought Tracy back to sanity and she stopped her ranting. Pansyrang his little bell even more. "Listen to me Tracy," said Debbie, "itcan't have b...en Pansy's fault, she didn't have any control over wherethe stuff went, if it was anyone's fault it was mine, but I can assureyou it was just an unfortunate accident. Now, go upstairs and getyourself cleaned up and I'll see to Pansy." Yes, You're right Debbie and I'm sorry that I lost my temper, I'll doas you say." And with that she left the. Dave had no intention of trying to fuck her. Carol had made him come more than once only a few hours ago. He was content to spend some time talking to Ruby while they stroked each others body and kissed. His cock wasn’t as casual as he was, it stood erect in the water. Ruby took it in hand. Using her hand and her thumb and forefinger she quietly brought him to a shuddering orgasm. While Ruby stroked his cock, Dave took the hint and pushed his fingers into her small pussy. He felt her body. Tending to one of the areas that also hadspouted, I started binding my breasts. I honestly had no idea just whatsize they were, ever since they started to grow I tried to ignore them.Up until a few months ago that had worked, but then they got big enoughI had to hide them. I couldn't let anyone see them, I was a guy damn it!I was supposed to be one at least, or so I thought. It took me almosthalf an hour just to get them properly bound to where no one would beable to notice them. Getting the. ” She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. “Whenever I read that note I wonder how good a person you would have been to be with.”I kissed her back. “You are still a beautiful mind in a beautiful body,” I whispered.“I take it you would like a variation on the ‘no more’ part of your offer, then.”“Only if that’s okay with you.”“I have no objection.” She then nodded in the direction of my bedroom, which led off the lounge area through a large sliding door that I usually left open. “Care to lead.

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