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He looked relieved. He parked up, turning his lights off and I was already on him, breathing in his aftershave – the one that makes me go crazy - an... kissing his mouth, my fingers running through his hair as he held onto my lips with his.But this was not about foreplay. I knew what I wanted and I could see from the glint in his eyes that he wanted it too. He positioned my chair as far back as it would go, pushing me backwards, and then turned the handle until the chair eased backwards, moving. Her name was Delilah and she was perfect. This would be the longest I’ve ever been with out her. When everything in my world was going wrong she was always right or me. I would jump on her back and go fast, her sheer speed wiping all my troubles away. My thoughts were interrupted by his lips on mine. ‘Ready for some dinner?’ he asked. ‘Very much so!’ He made dinner, I was still surprised when he offered. He was a man of many talents as I was finding out. He grilled the fish with a little lemon. Then very slowly, as he was stroking my upper arm, he managed to move his hand so that the back of it rested on one of my boobs. Right at that moment I didn't really know what to think or do, so just sat there. It was when he started moving his hand up and down, pretending just to stroke my arm, but at the same time rubbing against my boob, that I knew he was after them for sure. Although a little shocked and still not really knowing what to do, it gave me a feeling I had never had before, I. .. we should make our feet really stinky... sniff... you know, not wash them and just make them really sweaty... sniff..." "Mmm yeah... sniff... we can sniff each others stinky feet... sniff... I'll rub my sweaty feet all over your face and cock... sniff... and you can cum on my stinky toes and I'll lick it off... sniff..." he said, writhing in ecstasy. His words promising pleasures to come combined with the stimulation overload of mutual foot sniffing and masturbation brought me close to the.

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