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He left the day after tomorrow. I wanted to make my move soon. I was almost burning, after what I saw that night.She was going to shop that evening. I...followed her to the shop. I saw something unusual. For some reason, she did not enter the shop and instead, stopped a long-distance bus and got on. I was not expecting this but I also got on. No matter what.It was fully crowded. Also, to add upto her trouble, there was a queue to enter the same bus. I joined right behind her. We entered the bus,. Sadly, her marriage was dull and loveless, with little of the passion she craved. So, being unwilling to endure such existence... Ovyah strayed, finding the indulgence she so wanted.Her husband discovered her infidelities, and both to punish her and ensure her loyalty enacted a terrible rite, destroying the princess as she existed and remaking her into a pure Djinn of Lust. Now she would serve a single master all his days, obeying his every desire and being capable of any wish that involved. It played on my conscience and began to filter into every blood cell, giving each one a reason to delay my release for just a little while longer, with the promise that the wait would be well worth it. Just a temporary lull in my high octane hormones to dip them below danger levels, with the aim of returning to bed and bringing myself off there next to Adam, close enough that he would be sure to wake and join in. I'd found over the years that a gradual, tiered build up to final release almost. This carries on for a while then as she takes hold of my hands and places them under her skirt on her lovely soft ass. Now I’m massaging her ass as she continues on my back, pulling her cheeks apart and watching her pussy lips part, “Mmmm that’s nice I like to get massaged too” she said. I can feel my cock is starting to stiffen under me and wriggle to get comfortable. “I think you should turn over now” she says. I turn over and she places a pillow beneath my head, my cock is starting to.

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