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She pulled me and she started to kiss me. I just slept and pulled her on to me. She liked my way of getting her to orgasm without touching her pussy. ...ow she is lying on me kissing and I said ‘how was my sorry?’ she said ‘no one can say sorry better than you!!’ and kissed me on my lips and it slowly turned into a smooch. I was literally drinking her saliva to quench my thirst. So she was so happy. I just slowly told her in a low voice ‘sorry dear’. She was so happy. I just let her relax and. He now goes by Jamie. He was the one seated across fromme at the restaurant. Up until that night he would reluctantly wear myunderwear when I nagged him. Since that event he has become obsessedwith dressing as a woman. What I was describing was his underwear thatnight. We don't know what triggered your exchange of bodies or whatcaused you to revert back, but my guess is it has something to do withthe underwear. Here is a picture of the two us before he became Jamie"I respond "Hi Grace,. ” I said to himHe frowned at me but leaned back, and my hand went back to work on his dick. I planned to get him as close as possible then just stop. Just to tease him. I kept up the pace of my hand, and moved my mouth close to the head before gently licking it. He let out a low moan and I smiled evilly at him before licking again. I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep himself from cumming very long if I kept this up. He kept moaning and finally let out a louder one, and at that point I stopped. The blade descended, slid across the soft saggy belly the blunt back of the tip tracing a line in the yielding flesh, showing the woman that with a slight twist he could disembowel her instantly if the mood so took him. The blade twisted slid under the waist band of the knickers pulled away from her body by the fingers of his spare hand, savouring the thin fabric, allowing the blade to slither downwards shredding the thin cotton from waist to leg, ta then cut across her sex in a second run from.

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