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It was good of you to give me the time. Very slow going to do perfection."I vaguely saw Charleen nod, and close the door. "Two hours left, Ming."Ming fastening on my boots. Just shy of ballet boots, which I had practiced for, they had extremely narrow spike heels. The toes were on a two inch narrow platform, but I could tell they had extreme arches, because my feet were pointed straight down all the way to the front palms of my feet, where suddenly my toes felt forced way back and squeezed. Hell, it appears that it has made my cognitive ability increase several levels to the point that I can plan far more complex strategies than I ever had before. Yes this is more like what I had planned when I went into this though I have to admit I could have done without the pain and blood. "Shelby, I need to...," Derrick started. "Yes Derrick, all the improvements you instructed us to do have been finished. I estimate that the new plasma turrets have a 59.3% improvement in destructive. She sat quietly on the edge of the balcony, the window to her old room open behind her. The cold January breeze whipping past the moth eaten sheer curtains causing a ghastly whooshing sound to fill the tiny dust covered chamber. She was dressed simply in black. Black nylon pants with a tight fitting black shit, cut high in the front with long coat tails in the back. Her long raven locks were half clasped to the back of her head in an elegant, old century jaw clip. Her pale skin shone. Looking back, I missed so many opportunities to wreak havoc and have fun… wasted times. The first time something happened, sometime after my 16th birthday, I was at one of those popular kids’ parties, you know, the type that all the cool kids get invited too. I really don’t know how I came to be there, luck of the draw I guessed. I was sitting on a couch, sulking around (I wasn’t really a party animal, I preferred the movies over clubbing) when I saw Trisha, the hottest Eurasian chick in the.

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