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”“I was wondering about that. You guys just slept together, didn’t you? And I don’t mean euphemistically.”“Yeah,” I said, not feeling th...t I needed to reveal the previous night’s activities to Katy.“Well, whatever it is, I hope you work it out soon. For your sake, not because of what I asked for.”“Thanks. Like I said, invite me in the fall, and I’ll come to your room. Now, shall we head up?”“Yes, we should!” Katy grinned.I took her hand and led her up to my room. I started laughing when I saw. Would the men try to push the envelope and get into that whole gaping thing? And since I am so tight, would that be possible? Or would it just excite the men more to see my darker, intense pinkness getting swollen as each man finger fucked me. Would my partner let them choke me? Would he let them kiss me and bite on my nipples? Would I get so turned on that I would beg for them to fuck me? Beg for them to lay me on my back on the table, legs bent at the knees and brought up to my chest, my. I was called a slut, a filthy fag , a shameless bitch, and was then told to call myself these things. At first, I forced myself to do so, but soon the words were coming out naturally, and I was begging for each cock, for it to give me its delicious juice, for someone to fuck me, and then to fuck me harder. I felt totally wanton and shameless - and loved it. Diane was shouting encouragement, pinching my nipples, whipping my bottom as I waited for the next cock to enter. I remember pleading to be. His sore limbs stretched out on the large, cum slick bed, his body glad to be back in its natural state of just one layer of bondage.Bayonetta crawled on his body, her latex covered breasts pressing down on his bondage suit as they kissed deeply once more. He ran his hand through her silky black hair as she gripped his ass hungrily. When they broke apart with a wet smack, James saw what he loved most in the world. Her beaming smile made any ordeal worth enduring. He would climb mountains for.

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