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When the song finished, I walked over to the fridge to get a Coke and Terry stopped me.“Hey, Boss!” he said. “Thanks for letting me come tonight...”“You’re welcome, but thank Penny; she’d the one who invited you! Just be nice to her, she’s a very sweet young woman.”“Nothing but!” he said. “Can I ask you a question?”“Absolutely.”“Is there any way I can get regular invites? I know you kind of keep personal and business separate, but I’d hope you could let me into your circle of friends.”“Come to. “Wars, empires, conquerors - ultimately, it all comes down to two things: men wanting pussy, and women wanting to give it to them. Nadine - what were we learning about last week?”“Napoleon, miss,” Nadine replied with a blush, her hand continuing to work on the cock of her boyfriend.“Napoleon. Exactly.”As she taught, Mrs. Winter was mentally making a list of possibilities. Nadine’s boyfriend was off the list - he was fit, muscular, handsome, and would almost certainly be able to get hard again. She was moaning as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her wet snatch! I couldn't resist spanking her sexy, thick ass while I pumped away! Tina loved it! Moaning and pushing back and forth in my hard cock! It was then I heard the hotel door being opened! Fuck! Billy is back! This is gonna ruin everything. Billy heard the moaning and peaked his head in my room. He was smiling from ear to ear. Tina saw him and briefly stopped moaning and humping. Then to my amazement, she kept at it like he. “Peter, please bring them some coffee or tea.”“Tea, please,” I said.“Tea,” Jeri said.“For me as well,” the bishop said.Deacon Peter left to prepare the tea and we were invited to sit on a small couch, while the bishop sat in a large, sturdy chair, covered with velvet fabric.“Stephen, you are not Orthodox. Why greet me as you did?”“As a sign of respect, Vladyka. Is it not proper to greet a bishop in this way?”He smiled, “It is, though it’s not common that someone who is not a catechumen or who.

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