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"We also need to go down and get you a new license," he continued. "Italked with a friend of mine and he said he would help us keep itdiscreet." Okay,... I said excitedly. It would be nice to have real identification,instead of a license that still said Brett on it. While Dad had changedmy name, we still hadn't gone down to update my license."We'll go down and see him on Monday," Dad explained. "You should befine without it until then. My friend also said he'd be able to get yourother documents. The car parked in a lonely bungalow and we entered a big studio with a giant size water bed. The photographer named Shahid, was a nice looking guy with muscular body. I was asked to wear a sari and I changed it in the changing room. Initially he made some simple pose and gradually he started to stripping me first he pulled the sari off and made a few snaps in only blouse and petticoat and then he ripped the petticoat make a sexy look. I lied on the bed showing all my milky legs , with rolling. I walked towards her then kneeled down in front of her. I pulled the belt from her robe and it opened exposing this beautiful dark skinned woman's body. She was slim and her body was beautiful. She had a surgical scar on the side of her belly and I remember this profound scar being much lighter in color than the rest of her skin. Her waist and ass were a little thicker than the rest of her and she smelled so good. She put her hand over the scar to try and hide it and I moved it out of the way.. Not in the main things, ('cos I suppose there really are limits to the number of holes four guys can fill), but in the scenario's, the direction and the filming. There are some directors who try to be original, to blend items which don't always go together, and if we are patient with them and don't all rush on to cumming in out hands after three and half minutes flat, then one must admit that they have the right approach. The American, Hollywood-style directors are the worst, - sorry Lads, but.

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