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"what!?" she said in shock whilst looking up at me, "I'm just realising how fucking perfect your whole body is! Before I could only see your sexy tits...and lips. I had no idea you arse would match!".She let out a soft moan and let go of me, doing a slow spin in front of me so I could perv on her whole body.I couldn't stand not touching her, I reached out and pulled her into me again, giving her a taste of her own medicine by being quite rough. She moaned as I pulled her right into me, her. He totally just turned it around on me! The ass! I thought to myself as I had figured out what he was doing. I thought I was getting him back for not calling me, when indeed he was the one getting me for doing to him what I did in the shower. After standing alone in the kitchen for a good two minutes trying to figure out what went wrong with my mastermind plan, I closed my mouth and ran upstairs. I walked in the bedroom just to find Daddy laying on the bed where I had been with nothing on, his. " I heard clothes coming off and Judy came over and took my hand and said, "I just want you to feel what 10 inches feels like." I'll be honest it felt huge, I was thinking there is no way she will fit this in. Well for the next 2 hours they went at it like teenagers in heat. Judy kept begging for more and it sounded like she came numerous times. It even sounded like Damon had come a couple of times already.I wasn't sure how long they could go when Judy said, "Damon have you ever had a useless. New silk stockings held up with suspenders attached to a tight, black satin, laced corset which had been the devil to get right. It constricted my waist and lifted my breasts, exposed above it. She had not indicated whether I should wear knickers or not so I decided I’d wear black, silk French knickers that allowed access and felt so, so sexy. A black, silk almost transparent blouse with long sleeves and a high collar and a dark blue silk skirt – only silk would do for her. The skirt is long.

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