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”“Goodbye... thank you for the wonderful time… It’s nice to know someone in this big city.”I watched the car pull away filled with a mixture...of joy and immediate sadness. The past 24 hours had been incredible, possibly life altering. I was truly excited about where this could all lead, yet forlorn over her need to go home. I was still drunk on her presence and I wasn’t ready yet to face the withdrawal of her not being there.I strolled slowly along the waterfront, the previously invigorating. The climax hit them at the same instant, making their yelps of ecstacy mingle and their flexing bodies shudder in harmony.Clinging together, they rocked and moaned through a shattering shared orgasm. And each time it began to wane, their hot kisses and caresses brought it back, so that they were coming almost continuously in a long string, dipping down, then rising again to a hot explosion. Laura dropped her mouth to Karen's incredible breasts, sucking the girl's thick black nipples and digging. I don't really know how to do interview but i will try. Welcome Samantha(not her real name) thank you for coming you look wonderful can you tell me a little about yourself ?- Thanks, you are so sweet. I'm Samantha i'm in my mid 40s married for 26 years we have 3 k**s(daughters). I don't work i'm a housewife and when i have free time i'm a hotwife. My husband shares me with other guys sometimes girls too.How long does he share you and where did you find your lovers ?- We started on our honeymoon. From start to finish, it had been just a couple minutes, if that. Vanessa looked down at herself, letting her arms fall from the poor man’s cock down to her breasts, massaging his cum into her own skin like lotion. Two down, two to go. The last two men already had their pants down, having been playing with themselves while they watched. Vanessa sighed inwardly to herself. Not exactly a way to increase their staying power. Before she could move into position, both men came at her, one from each.

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