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The rain was a torrential downpour which was rare in the State of Washington. She reduced her speed to less than forty miles an hour while most others...did the same. Some crazies sped past like she was standing still fish tailing but not letting up on their speed. She decided to call Cal."Hi baby," she smiled. "How's the rain up there?" Coming down in buckets, how was the wedding?" Lovely! I want a wedding like that one. There were only about sixty people. Charlene saved a ton of money by not. My mouth went dry. I had no idea what to do. My best friend of many years had just woken up to find me bent over him with my manhood out and his in my hand. My heart was beating rapidly. I was looking for anything to say. He didn't look angry. He just looked surprised. He lifted his arm slowly and I closed my eyes, waiting for it to strike me hard. I deserved it. Suddenly, I felt something brush against my ass. I opened my eyes again to see Evan staring at my ass, his hand now firmly on it,. I took a walk for 5 minutes to stretch my legs. I got in my car put my seat and decided that I was going to take a power nap for 30 minutes. About 10 minutes two bright headlights shine in the area from a RV, it pulls into the spot besides me, I look up and the door opens up and a guy about 50, a little pudgy, very hairy looks out wearing only tight leather shorts, it peeked my curiosity as well as my 8 inch BBC. I then see two guys from the other cars head to the RV and get in. Now I am really. I will just say two things. One, you looked reallygreat in those slinky things, Sam. Lingerie is pretty and itis sexy. It is sexy on women, and I bet, if you had letyourself try it when you were male, it would have been sexy onyou then. Lingerie is just plain sexy, Sam, and only yourpreconceived notions of right and wrong, male and femaleprevented you from finding that out and enjoying it. Today,you *were* a happy, very pretty young woman, and for a while,you let yourself enjoy that." .

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