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"We both listened intently as the door closed again. Lizzie exhaled and removed her hand. "Keep it down."I rubbed my maltreated lips. She saw this and...smiled apologetically at me. "Sorry."I massaged until the throbbing went away. "What do you mean, 'rape'?" You know what I mean."I just stared at her with a dumb look on my face."You know. Rape."Same look.She rolled her eyes. "Do you need the Webster dictionary?" What do you mean by wanting me to rape you?"She sat down beside me on the sofa.. She took her hands and undid them, kicking them away with her feet so he could do it better. She was in total ecstasy, a man she’d been lusting for was giving her exactly what she wanted! Michael continued kissing down her chest, flicking his tongue on her bellybutton, tickling her a bit and teasing her as he approached her wetness by kissing her on either side of it, but never directly in the center. ‘Ohhh, Michaelll. . . lick me please,’ she begged as she arched her back again. Michael took. . and thus began the final phase of one of the most amazing summers that both Keith and Gemma would remember for the rest of their lives.The sun was warm. The river was lazy. The breeze was gentle. The water sparkled like a million diamonds and for the next four days Keith and Gemma lived in a world that only daydreams are made of. But this was a very real daydream ... a daydream made up of lots and lots of love making ... in the boat and in their tent and anywhere on the ground that they found. Pulling out he put his hand to her mouth and she licked and sucked her juices off his fingers. She then felt his cock against her mouth she opened wide as he thrust in making her gag he continued to fuck her mouth causing Louise to tear up as she gagged and gagged again it also caused her pussy to get wetter. He eventually stopped and Louise gasped for breath her make up running down her face .“Did you enjoy that you ginger slut?” He asked“Yes yes i fucking loved it. I’m your slut to use”“Well.

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