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I try to move out of the way, but she pins my arms up, and locks me in a deep kiss. Very shocked by this point I push her away."What happened Sammy?" ... just.. I.." Fuck it. I lock the bathroom door and tackle her to the ground!I start slowly and deeply kiss her perfect lips. She slowly pushes her tongue through my lips, and onto my tongue. We kiss with long strokes, licking each other's tongues and lips. I shove her hands down and pull off her shirt. She has no bra! I stare at her little brown. Emily instantly leaned in and shoved her faceinto the groin. She was ready to service him, andKevin was ready for his release. Unbuckling his pantsand shoving down his underwear, Kevin stood fullyerect now in front of his kneeling slave. He grabbed his shaft, stroking it from his ball sackto the tip. Too much of that and he’d cum right away.He grabbed his thick meat and slapped Emily’s face andshe looked up into his eyes, knowing what he was goingto say.“Is the what you want. As she walked towards thebedroom door, she said, "I'll be right back. And, no fair looking."She was gone for a few minutes, and Jaimie had trouble not looking. WhenRonnie finally came back, she was carrying three black boxes. The firstbox contained a black satin choker style necklace with a cameo on it, shecarefully placed the choker around Jaimie's neck, and tied it. The otherbox contained a pair of very fancy long earrings, made of fine gold wirein a fancy design wrapped around a large black. Or any man, at all... ?She brushed her small hand over the snug, sleeve-like leg of her knitted hot-pants, noting the way they provocatively clung to the outline of her full white thighs and sensuous little hump of her vaginal lips. Even with panties, she heatedly discerned, they clung there, visually emphasizing the puffy crease between her legs. Now, what sharp little male mind could have devised these teasers... or had it been a female... a lesbian perhaps, she thought, intrigued with her.

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