“I understand, but I need to tell her something.” He demanded. “Thank you Sir,” then the call disconnected.Fuck! He was leaving, he new it was...a matter of time but god he was hoping for at least another two weeks with her. He had fifteen minutes to get ready then he was gone.Riley awoke with the sound of ruffling. She opened her eyes and saw that the room was lit. She waited for her eyes to adjust to the brightness before sitting up.She saw Jake in uniform as he packed a bag. Oh God, no!“B-baby. Mack said proudly ,he was taken on as the only white guy working for the cab firm the rest being Pakistani. He said " Tonight is out of this world man . You ok about me getting it on with Elaine as well". I nodded. Mack continued " Haven't had sex in a while. He chuckled and said "Well I am 63 years old, 40 pounds overweight and bald'. Taking a blue, diamond shaped pill from his wallet and popping the Viagara pill in his mouth, he said "Also I need to use one of these. You couldn't call me. I have cheated on my husband r/t, and he doesn't know about it. One of my fantasies is to be a secret whore, and the scenario you set up has fueled that fantasy. I imagine you're my first customer ever, and I thought it would just be on and off, job done. I didn't think you'd make me play with myself until I was almost cumming, and then make me cum on your cock like that. I guess I'm more of a whore than I realized!I would whisper in your ear that my husband thinks I'm a faithful wife, a lady. Better then to write a lot of little notes with activities of potential benefit, put them in a hat and let fate decide where to begin. A week-long course in tantric veda meditation? Thanks a lot, fate. Yeah, I know, I wrote the note and I put it in the hat. I had checked a magazine and written down all those ads about courses and activities. There were some I was less keen on than others but no cheating. A bit of tantric veda was, perhaps, just what I needed. I looked up tantric on Wikipedia,.

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