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He has long been overlooked for advancement and now he shall have it. It will happen because the weapon in my hand says you are in no position to Besides, in a few moments you will have a very serious accident. The severity of the injuries will require your replacement. It won't be serious enough to keep you from being punished for mistreating my people. You, your buddy Orgaine, along with a few others, will pay dearly for your actions against our people." As he spoke, he became louder. Later Bill must of explained everything,because they both walked into the cave as if nothing had happened. Bobby came over to me and sat on my bed, Ben he said ,I too love your brother we have been together all through high school we have had to hide our affection for each other because alot of people don't except two men together, and with your permission I would like to be able to act myself with you and Bill meaning if I want to kiss him or hold him In front of you it would be OK. I looked. This fucking guy just happens to show up? Really? That must be the theme this week, everything you hate shall come in bulk.“My three most hated motherfuckers all gathered in one place, what are the odds?” he said.“It’s no surprise someone else hates Ashley,” I caught myself saying out loud.“I call myself asking her out in front of her friends and the bitch flat out embarrassed me, treated me like trash and laughed in my face!”“Because you’re trash!” Ashley jumped in. “Prime example right here. After a good long soak in the tub and washing off allthe grease and spilled soda. I returned to my room for a good nightssleep."What are you doing Leann? Get out of those pajamas right now." But Mom, it's been a long day, I want to go to bed." Get your Pantyhose on and I'll lace you into your corset." I was halfasleep as I pulled up my pantyhose up and over my newly rounded hips.Mom then began to wrap the garment around my waist and slide the satinlaces through the eylets. Then it hit me, she.

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