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"Yeah," he nodded. "Let me see it and we'll..." Here..." I didn't even untie my bathrobe, I just pulled it open and my penis was right there, standing...stiff and almost straight up, all seven inches of it, dripping wet at the tip."Okay, well..." Dad looked at it for a few seconds and then he was reaching for his zipper, unzipping his trousers and I stared as he freed his own swollen penis."It's big," I said softly and Daddy nodded."You make it big, Jen. Let's lie down a little, like this..."He. I started probing gently, looking up often to ensure that I wasn't causing any unnecessary discomfort. Although Hera looked a little uneasy, she wasn't trying to pull back like she had before.As was not unexpected for her, attention down here aroused her pretty quickly and soon she was wet enough to carefully enter. Without a speculum—and who carries one of those with them—this was going to be a manual digital examination.The first circle of my finger around her inside passage felt nothing but. I would sneak out of my room and quietly crawl down the hallway where I could watch them. They usually covered up with a blanket, but one night I watched Chrissie kneel between her boyfriend’s legs totally naked and stroke and suck his penis until he came. He groaned and she pulled her head back and milked him with her hand. I had seen my brother’s penis a few times, but it was small and limp. Chrissie’s boyfriend had a really large penis and I remember seeing the big purple head and the. Jimmy replaced the soap container under the kitchen sink while Jamie pushed the correct buttons to select the wash cycle and start the dishwasher.“Homework tonight?” JR asked as he prepared to carry the drinks back to the table.“Yes,” the twins said in unison. Jamie added, “Mom says that we will have a math quiz tomorrow so we need to study for it”“We’re going to do flashcards for each other,” Jimmy informed his dad.“That sounds like an excellent plan,” JR told them. “I’ll let you know when.

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