TORIL!"The sun elf blinked and focused on Aerick."Are you alright?"The young elf blinked again. "As well as can be expected." What happened?" Indeed."...A cold voice mocked from the shadows. "Tell me everything." The shape coalesced into a pale female form clad in a simple black robe. She was bald, with deep sunken eyes that burned with hate. In her features, one could see that luminous beauty that she was, now replaced with darkness and hate. Aerick narrowed his eyes, he had seen her. She said soon she can see the bulge in his shorts rising. She said she reached over, grabbed his cock through his shorts and asked him if he wanted her pussy. He nodded, jumped up and led her his room and closed the door.She got naked and jumped onto his bed. He lay down and she rips his boxers off and goes to town sucking his cock. After he was raging hard, she climbed up, straddled his cock and let it slide in her wet pussy. She was riding and he was sucking and playing with nipples. As she. She was asked if I would mind coming over and helping with my buddy Ronnie and after they got home we could go out for a coke or something. She, of course said yes. I felt that it would be nice to just sit around, relax and enjoy talking for a change, instead of not talking about our next move. Maybe she had changed her mind about the next step and if she did, then that was fine. But we needed to talk about it and come to an understanding, instead of skirting the subject all together. So I. "I didn't protest. I was horny now. Despite everything that happened, and maybe because all of this had happened, I needed to cum. I needed some release. So, I sat up a little, propping myself up with one elbow as I rapidly tugged at my dick. As I did, he lowered his hand to play with my balls, which sent me reeling with pleasure. My legs began to buck, and as I started to slow my thrusts, squeezing my dick harder and slower as I was on the verge, he sat up and watched me. He watched me as my.

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