Maine 3-4 jhatke maar k aadha lund andr ghusa diya or wo rote hue boli k muje bht dard ho rha h nikalo na ise. Maine kaha k abi thodi der me bht jyada...mja ayega. Kuch der wo dard se royi fir use achha lgne lga or wo uchhalne lgi. Wo jhad gyi fir mai b.Hum log 2 bar sex kr chuke the. Ab wo itni pagal hogyi thi k use or krna tha. Mai q mana krta. Mai apne bde bhai k room se or condom lane gya, room me wapas aya and uske boobs pe toot pda, hum dono itne khoye the ek duje me k kb mere bhaiya agye. Tom's got some cards we can use." Why should I?" Carter asked.I jingled my purse again."There's lots'a gals," Carter said.Tom shuffled. I handled the cards, made as if to cut, palmed a king and then let Carter cut the cards first. He found a jack. I raised an eyebrow, took a short pile and showed him my king. He nodded."Again," he said."Not for the girl," I said."The twenty pounds then."I shuffled, Tom shuffled some more and Carter found an eight. I turned over a ten without even. It was underneath the waistband of her white panties. The outline of his finger could be seen moving below. Her face told you all you needed to know. Yep, it definitely was your sex, and not the liquor talking. The leather became wet, rubbing your inner thighs. You could smell your own arousal. The bull began to move faster, bucking harder. Your sex slammed, again and again, onto the wet leather. You squeezed harder on Mandy's waist. You could not stop the sensations. They rippled through. But she’d been so convincing and so vulnerable.It’s one thing if an abused wife comes to me and asks me to investigate her husband’s online activities so she’ll have evidence that he bragged about hurting her and can justifiably sue for divorce or even press charges. I’d had one case like that in the past year. I was only too happy to help her nail her shit-bag of a husband.But the young widow who came to me with her deceased husband’s laptop seemed so sweet. She was hanging on to the dream of.

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