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I search for ‘escort service’ phone numbers in the classifieds columns of an old newspaper. One number 9810664651 has the heading Indian Beauty. P...rnima’s website also advertises her as Indian Beauty. As she won’t give me her number I think of a way out. I shall send this number by e-mail asking if it is hers. On 17th August morning I visit the cyber cafe again. Luckily the Internet is working this time. She has sent a one word reply to my latest e-mail:Thanks. I send another e-mail. This is my. By early July all communications from her side stopped. She never returned to me until recently.I was angry, hurt and confused. About seven months after the last communication from her, I decided to leave town. I sold my company at a decent profit, and moved all of my blue chips into a blind trust. I went to Denver and started over. I swore off women for almost a year and a half. I didn’t date, I kept all communications with women to a minimum. I even refused to tell my family my new location.. ‘If as you said, I could have memorised my name and date of birth, I’d probably memorise the make and rego of my own car.’ ‘Humour me, I’m assuming that it will be a part of your pre-amnesic memory. There’s nothing in your wallet that would identify it.’ I thought about it for a few seconds. ‘It’s a black Jaguar XKR and the rego number is a personalised plate, ‘BYRON 01′.’ ‘Nice.’ She said. ‘When did you last drive it?’ ‘That would have been on Tuesday last week. I left it at home on Wednesday. Anything else would mean capture.Whether they had the right girls or not, it was time to run. Steve was the last in line and could see that the other three conspirators had eight slaves with them. They ran along the edge of the wall and towards the back service doors of the convention center.As soon as they burst through the doors, Steve saw the panel van that was waiting for them just as planned. Security was not concerned with an empty van with its cargo door open. What threat could that.

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