I told Mama that, I guess I'm a Grandma, now that SHE"S got babies. Mama thought that was funny. She told me I had a lot of years before I would be Gr...ndma to ANYBODY, and would laugh, AND cry many times before that happened. Any way." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the lips. "Thank You, Doctor. For EVERYTHING!" She walked away from him, going on about her business. Her kiss was still felt on his lips. It almost burned.He stood for a few minutes more before the lady came out and. "It's pushed aside as all those illicit little desires come bubbling to the surface."George gave another soft little groan. His thoughts were submerged beneath a deluge of pornographic images. Full pouting red lips; eyes gleaming with lust; ripe, round breasts with perky erect nipples; glistening pink pussies--all calling out to him, hungry for him. George struggled to hold on as the torrent threatened to wash his mind away.Nicole came closer. Her soft lips brushed against his ear. "I can. “Do you think this income projection is realistic given what that channel paid us last time?” Heather leaned over to look at the monitor more closely. Dylan couldn't help from leaning back and glancing at her bum, her skirt hugging it tight. Her panty line visible. As Heather shifted to get a closer look at the screen her left leg brushed Dylan's right. As Dylan leaned in to point out the line on the spreadsheet he was referring to his right hand moved to the small of Heather's back for. The next thing I know her hand is stoking my cock through my trousers while her other hand start to unfasten them, as the zipper was pulled down my cock strained at my boxers before Chrissie pulled on the elastic allowing my cock to spring out, the head already shining with pre cum.Chrissie traced her finger over the head smoothing the pre cum around, my cock twitching as the nerves reacted to her gentle touch. She tugged down on my boxers until my full cock and balls were in view, her eyes.

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