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My toes curled as Kayleen pumped my pussy full of jizz.In the background, my daughter happily munched away at Christine's asshole.“Mmm, that was del...cious,” Kayleen purred. “Now, I bet you want to see what my baby girl's packing beneath her skirt.”“She's a futa, too?” I asked, a smile crossing my lips.“Hopefully.”Jolene slid her mouth off my dick and winked up at us. She licked her lips, cleaning up the loose futa-cum that had spilled over her chin. Then she grabbed the hem of her t-shirt. She. “Men are such idiots,” Monica had said after Joey and Chandler left.“Yeah!” Rachel had agreed. “Can you believe that something that stupid actually got us our apartment back?”“That’s so funny,” Phoebe chimed in, “to think if you’d just done that right after the last contest, no one would have had to move at all.”Rachel and Monica had looked at each other in surprise at that thought.“Yeah, let-let-let’s pretend that’s not true,” Monica suggested.“Yeah,” Rachel quickly agreed.The sound of the. She turned a little red and got that embarrassed look again and asked me how long I was listening to her. I told her that I heard her cumming and that's when she heard me outside her door. I pulled her against me and gave her a hug telling her it was ok, I could feel my hard cock pressing against her stomach. She tried pulling back but I kept holding her tight, she started to say something but I told her I was jerking off listening to her. She pulled back just enough to look up at me and I told. He felt asif he had dived into hot water. Involuntarily, he felthimself rise to her. She froze, stock-still. “I feel that! Don’t do that,sweetheart! Let me fuck you, let me fuck you!” Hestilled himself, willing himself not to move. Sheresumed her movements. “Oh God, Greylon.” She trembledall over. He sensed her tentative descent. She would slide downcautiously, and then stop, lest she collide and jar hisback. “Wait, let me do this,” he said, feeling her.

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