I don't want to chance what Neil might try next." Damn jerk!" Leanne said, and we walked to University Hall.Just outside the main doors, Leanne to a stop. "I'm pretty sure the coast is clear. I'm gonna head over to Brazos." I nodded and gave her a kiss. She beamed and left. I ran up the stairs, hoping I wasn't going to be late again.At the door to my Psychology class, I could hear Professor Dumont already lecturing. I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath and walked in. She stopped. She didn't know that this teacher intended to do the same."I apologize, you're both just so incredible." Bob explained, trying his best not to hurt any feelings. In truth, he really did enjoy the company of both women equally. He was a principal in his late forties, he wasn't exactly being hounded after by many women. But suddenly two different women were showing interest in him, and he couldn't bring himself to turn either away. For weeks now, he'd been keeping the two women a secret from the. She was one of the last of the predreadnaughts built around World War One. Looking around, I watched as the LCVP landing craft ran ashore and started discharging their cargo. I watched the ramp come down and the men charge out onto the beach. I turned and puked, as they were ripped apart before they could take three steps."Get me out of here," I said after I regained control of my stomach."As you wish," Rala said and touched her ear.The green haze settled over us again and I found myself back. Dard ke mare usne mere hoonth hi kat liye . ab mei usse tez tez chod raha tha aur itne mei hi uska ho gaya aur wo shant padd gayi. mei usse bed ke cornr pe le aya aur uski tangen apne kandhe pe rakh li aur dobara khud khada ho ke chodne laga. ab toh mera lund bhi dard kar raha tha coz of her tight pussy. mera bhi ab hone wala tha aur mei aur tez tez chodne laga itne mei kalpana bhi hot ho chuki thi aur mera sath de rahi thi.poora kamra pichak pichak aur kalpana ki ummmmmm uhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh.

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