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Candles were already lit around the room and soft music was playing on the background sound system, I pulled him close and thanked him for the lovely ...etting and surprise, it was Toms idea he explained, he made the suggestions and I carried out the planning. "Well it's lovely and thanks to both of you" as I squeezed Marks hand and kissed Tom on the cheek as he had joined us in the doorway. Tom commented that "You were right Mark, the beds big enough anyway!", and I tingled down below as I knew. ”I couldn’t help but smile too.“Since we don’t have the money to bury all of the souls who are unclaimed, we cremate them. When the officers radioed ahead and I was informed you were on your way to possibly identify your dead father, I went down to the lobby and bought this urn.”I nodded. “It’s nice.” It was the first thing I had been able to say.“Well, certainly better than the sealed can he was in previously.”I laughed. It helped. It helped a lot. I could think again. That gnawing void in my. After which he spit on my hole and worked his cock into me with my legs pushed up by my head and shortly after I could feel his balls slapping my ass as he slowly started sliding in and out and making me moan then after a few minutes he started jack hammering my ass and I swore he held my legs where my knees were on either side of my ears and he was grunting and groaning while kissing me as he pumped which was the hardest anyone has ever fucked me. I was rock hard and could feel my balls. I wanted to be able to casually flirt with boys without themquestioning whether finding me attractive was 'gay' and I wanted thegirls to accept me as one of their own, because I really wanted to be.Deep breaths. Shoulders back. I reminded myself that I had the mostinteresting story out of everyone at the party, not only that the resultof the story meant I looked super hot in this cute top I was sporting.It was going to be easy to be the life of the party. I had to be, I wasa celebrity and thus.

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