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Some of the accompanying graphic images were extremely distressing, but then there was no shortage of distasteful photographs arising from the conflic.... There were images of Muslim children being burnt alive, Hindu mothers being disembowelled, and naked cadavers being excavated from trenches that had been dug high up in the mountains. It was inevitable that there would be strong emotions in such a large population of British people whose origins were either India or Pakistan: especially here in. He was looking for a one bedroom,furnished place and had called about my ad in the newspaper. I hoped torent this place quickly, then I would be full and could devote my time tosome maintenance and repairs rather than showing places. I looked at therental application he had filled out just a minute earlier. From the datelisted as his birth date, he was 22 years old, three years younger than I.I watched him, explaining about the living room area and kitchen, as hemoved about the place.Jay's skin. "Don't worry," Cammy smiled, "I'm a cop." You are not!" I blurted, totally off balance."Am too!" she replied, sticking out her tongue at me. Reaching into the bag, Cammy fished out an official-looking badge on a lanyard, displayed it to me, and then pulled it over her head.I couldn't see any reason for her to pretend to be a police officer if she wasn't, but it just seemed so bizarre. "Well, but Cammy, if you already have a job, why would you want to be an intern here? Not that it probably. Running out of kids to shake down for candy? Too bad we're eight months away from Halloween,” you replied.“Funny guy, aren't ya? Wanna see how funny you are without a tongue?”“If anything, I'd rather you take my ears. Wouldn't have to listen to all the shit that comes out of your mouth.”Getting irked at your constant remarks, Jeremy directs the two muscle-heads forward.“I'll do you one better: I'll smash your head in and finally get rid of your stupid, ugly mug for good!”You weren't exactly on.

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