Its nice to see you all’They were all 18ish now & all had been at my School’ I remembered most of their names too’ So what are you all doing her... together for then’ We said once we had finished our exams & such that we would all go on holl together’ Ha ha so the last thing you wanted to see was me then! As we got talking I could see their eyes were fixed on my tits & bikini bottoms’ So you’re here on your own then are you? Yes all by myself’ After around 10 mins of chatting one said.. If ya. I felt cautious, that mom would notice my partial hardness. The lad collected all our clothes and threw them out of our cabin. Now, mom and i stood completely naked in front of two intruders.There was complete silence in the cabin. Mothers naked beauty was so enthralling that both of them simply forgot why they were in our cabin. They incredulously feasted the naked charm on display before them; their eyes wide open with bewilderment and excitement.Though, i had kept my heads down, my eyes were. “I swear to protect, and to serve my new broth ers” He repeats. “I swear this oath with my heart, my soul, my muscles and blood” He repeats. “I swear this for the rest of my days” He repeats.“Then kneel, once again” I pick up the sword that Kelso had placed on the table earlier. Dustins kneels before me, with right leg up, the left crossed behind it. Right arm on the knee, and left arm reaching over grabbing his right wrist. Lifting the sword, and placeing it on his left shoulder, I begin “By. And I was glad he had come right before we walked outof the warehouse because that meant he could now holdit longer.Finally, after a few minutes of relentless poundingthat kept getting faster and rougher, I felt that I wasabout to go over the edge. I knew that at any second Iwas about to have an orgasm as fantastic as I ever had.My shouting of “Oh shit” continued and was getting muchlouder.Finally it hit. “SHIT!” I screamed at the top of mylungs. I lost my sight and.

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