Robert cracked a smile at Britney's comment, a very hideous looking smile that caused his lips to crackle some as they peeled back from his yellow tee...h. "Oh, you can do a lot. Trust me," Robert said, again in a very deep toned voice. Britney couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable by his smile, and it caught her off guard a little. A tart little teen princess, Britney wasn't used to dealing with such ruffians as he was. Scooting a tray of crackers aside, Robert set the manila folder on. "Depends on the tests," he said. "If I need to write you a prescription I'll have the nurse call you. In the meantime, get yourself a box of saltines. If you start feeling nauseous eat one or two. Sometimes it helps settle the stomach."So she peed in a little plastic cup, which was unsettling because it was so small and she got some on her hand. Then after the nurse made sure she had a good working phone number, she was told to go home. All in all she thought it was a pretty rinky dink. She teased Katie and me a little because both of us climbed in the back seat and sat as close together as we could. When we got to the house, Katie gave me another sweet kiss before she got in Anna’s car, this time in the front seat. I watched them drive away before I went in the house.Dad wasn’t busy in his office, so I asked him if he’d be OK with driving Katie and me to Homecoming. He said he would.“I might even get the car washed and vacuum the old French fries out of the back seat,” he. I've never been so turned on in my life. Without even having touched my weeping sex, he has my pleasure building to a breaking point. Then, with one well-placed slap on my clit I shatter. Writhing in my restraints, I scream out my pleasure. In the middle of my intense orgasm, Dorian enters me, thrusting hard and deep, filling my throbbing cunt to the limit. Grasping my hips, he fucks me roughly, not letting my ecstasy subside but impossibly building to even superior heights. In the back of my.

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